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Uniquely accessible.


Looking our best requires reflecting the best. Doing your hair and make-up has never been easier.


Zadro's 10X Magnification Spot Mirror features optical quality glass to ensure a clearer reflection of your true self. The 10X magnification is ideal for touch-ups, detail, and all-around make-up application.


The ergonomic design makes it perfect for compact on-the-go travel in your purse or carry-on. Plus, it easily mounts to most any smooth, flat surface via suction cups so you at view yourself and apply make-up completely hands-free.


Available in a black finish.



  • Suction Cup Easily Mounts to Most any Smooth, Flat Surface
  • Ideal for Home, Purse, or Travel Applications
  • 10X Magnification Spot Mirror
  • Optical Quality Glass



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  • Includes Three (3) Suction Cup Mounts
  • Optical Quality Glass Mirror
  • Mirror Dimensions: 3½”
  • 10X Magnification
  • Special Features
  • Black Finish



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For all magnified products: If reflection appears upside-down or blurry, you may need to move closer to the mirror, or the magnification may be too strong for your eyes.

Q:  Why does my reflection appear upside down in the magnified mirror?

A:  At a certain distance, all magnified mirrors will reflect upside down. It has to do with the focal length. To appear right side up, move closer to the mirror until you are within its focal length. The higher the magnification, the closer you will have to move to the mirror to see yourself right side up and get that closer look.

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