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Rise and shine.


Zadro's Natural Sunlight Alarm Clock recreates the feeling of sunrise to gently wake you from your slumber with soothing sounds and warm light.


There’s nothing more peaceful than waking up to the sunrise. Unfortunately, the sun doesn’t rise according to our schedules. We find ourselves startled awake my obnoxious alarm clocks that leave us in a bad mood the rest of the day. Luckily, the Natural Sunlight Alarm Clock recreates the feeling of sunrise by gradually lighting up to stimulate your body’s internal clock and wake you gently.


Choose from 7 nature or 3 traditional sounds to listen to including: Birds Chirping, Waves on the Beach, Flowing Brooks, Dawn Awakening, Heartbeat, Summer Night, Falling Rain, Telephone Ringing, Bell Ring, and Digital Alarm.



  • Super Bright LED Lamp with Four Levels of Brightness for your Preference
  • Clock Begins to Light Up like the Sunrise mp111up to 60 Minutes Before Alarm
  • Digital Alarm Clock features Calendar and Temperature Readings
  • Fall Asleep to Soothing Nature Sounds using the 30 Minute Timer
  • Includes Traditional Alarm Clock Sounds for Heavy Sleepers
  • Wake-Up to Relaxing Nature Sounds

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  • Light gradually turns on up to 60 minutes before alarm
  • Product Dimensions:  5½” H x 4½” W x 2¼” D
  • 4 separate brightness levels
  • Super Bright LED Lamp
  • 7 relaxing nature sounds:
    • Birds Singing
    • Gently Flowing Stream
    • Peaceful Summer Night
    • Waves crashing on the beach
    • Rain Falling
    • Daybreak
    • Rhythmic Heartbeat
  • Traditional Alarm Clock Sounds:
  • Telephone Ring
  • Bell Ringing
  • Digital Alarm
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)

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