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Modeled after oxygen bars found in resorts and spas, Zadro's compact and portable Tranquil Sounds Oxygen Bar produces oxygen enriched air by increasing the concentration up to 43%. This unit works by drawing ambient air into the compressor, forcing air through the filter to block out larger air molecules, allowing for a higher concentration of oxygen.


Simply put on the included headset and a gentle stream of oxygen is directed towards your mouth and nostrils. Being that 90% of our energy comes from oxygen, the increase of airflow allows you to relax, rejuvenate, and increase stamina & focus.


The Tranquil Sounds Oxygen Bar also comes equipped with soothing music for increased relaxation.




  • Improved Airflow of 5.0 Liters/Min
  • Choose Between Three (3) timer Settings: 10, 20, and 30 Minutes
  • Increases Oxygen Concentration in the Air by up to 43%
  • Silent Compressor with Baffle
  • No Filter Replacements Necessary
  • Vapor Discharge Alleviates Vapor Residue and Cleans Filter Membranes
  • Built-in Audio Mood Enhancement Technology with Four (4) Nature Sounds Included:
    • Daytime Brook
    • Dripping Water
    • Whale Calls
    • Nighttime Brook


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Note: This is NOT a medical device, and should not be used as a replacement for prescribed medical treatments.


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  • Compact & Portable Oxygen Bar increases Oxygen Concentration in the Air by up to 43%
  • Built in Audio Mood Enhancement with Four (4) New Age Music Songs
  • Includes Personal Headset for Oxygen Delivery
  • Product Dimensions:  16” H x 11” W x 6” D

Please contact Customer Service with any questions or comments.


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Q: The Video claims to increase oxygen intake into the body by up to 10%, have these claims been verified? How does this differ to the 43% stat in the fine print?

A:  The OXY machine has been independently tested and verified as advertised. As for the estimated 10%, sea level has an oxygen concentration of approximately 21%; the OXY machine increases the concentration to about 30%, resulting in a 43% increase. The estimated 10% refers to the jump from 21% to 30%, the 43% is the increase difference calculated between the 21% and 30%. It is important to note however, the performance is affected by various factors such as elevation and humidity.


Q: Is a special air tank is needed? Does it just use the air in the room? Does it regulate how much oxygen you get for you or do you adjust the intake?

A: No special air tank is needed. The OXY machine just uses the air in the room.  The OXY machine regulates oxygen automatically; there is no need to adjust anything.


Q: Does this machine help to solve sleep apnea problem?

A: Zadro Health Solutions does not make any claims regarding the treatment of any medical conditions by this product.


Q: I live in the mountains at 7,000 feet; will your oxygen booster help with someone who needs more oxygen? How do you clean the filters? Are there any other maintenance items? What components are in the unit to get more oxygen?

A:  Yes, our OXY machines will provide increased oxygen even at higher elevation.  However, performance is affected by various factors, including elevation.  To clean the filters, simply remove from the Oxygen Bar and rinse with warm tap water, let air dry, and replace. There is no other maintenance necessary. The Oxygen Bar works by drawing ambient air into the compressor which forces air through the Oxygen Enriching Nano Membrane Filter, blocking out larger air molecules such as nitrogen allowing for a higher concentration of oxygen.


Q: Hi! What is the voltage on this machine? Is it double voltage?

A:  The OXY machine voltage is AC120V/60Hz. It is not double voltage.


Q: I understand there isn't a need to replace the filter regularly. Are there other parts that will need regular replacing?

A: There are no other parts that will need regular replacing. Just make sure to regularly clean your filters.


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