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The gentleman’s choice.


The perfect shave requires the perfect conditions. Dermatologists recommend shaving, cleansing, and exfoliating your skin in the shower. The hot water and steam allows your hair and skin to soften so that the razor can shave more efficiently.

Zadro's Z’Fogless™ Telescoping Shower Mirror is specially designed to run hot water straight from your shower into the mirror to ensure a fog-free reflection every time. The 1X magnification is great for all-around viewing while the 3X magnification is perfect for getting up close and personal when shaving smaller, sensitive areas of your face.


Includes a dual razor/accessory holder and easily mounts to any standard shower head. The telescoping arm adjusts from 14” to 19”, while the mirror head pivots for optimal viewing.


Available in a flawless chrome finish.



  • Fogless Mirror Remains Clear Even in the Steamiest Environments Without the Use of Special Sprays or Coatings
  • Telescoping Arm for Easy Length Adjustment and Positioning
  • Dual-Sided with 3X and 1X Magnifications
  • Razor Holder

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Z'Fogless Mirror Cleaner & Anti-Fog Solution

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  • Adjustable Head and Height Control from 14" to 19"
  • Dual Sided 1X & 3X Optical Quality Magnification
  • Easily Attaches To Any Standard ½" Shower Arm
  • Mirror Dimensions: 6 ½“
  • Fogless Shower Mirror
  • Chrome Finish
  • Razor Holder

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Q:  How do I clean my Fogless Mirror?

A:  You will need a bottle of Z'Fogless Mirror Cleaner & Anti-Fog Solution and a soft, non-abrasive cloth.  Apply a small amount of the solution on the cloth and apply to the mirror surface in a circular motion until clean.  Let the mirror air-dry.  In addition to cleaning the surface, the Z'Fogless Mirror Cleaner & Anti-Fog Solution will also restore the Fogless feature of the mirror.  Cleaning should be done regularly.

To purchase a bottle of Z'Fogless Mirror Cleaner & Anti-Fog Solution Click Here.


Q:  The bottom of my mirror is leaking water, is this normal?

A:  Yes, this is perfectly normal.  The product is designed to allow the water to run through the mirror and exit through the inlet hole at the bottom.  Use the adjustable length arm to place the product at different heights and angles to reduce overspray.


For all magnified products: If reflection appears upside-down or blurry, you may need to move closer to the mirror, or the magnification may be too strong for your eyes.

Q:  Why does my reflection appear upside down in the magnified mirror?

A:  At a certain distance, all magnified mirrors will reflect upside down. It has to do with the focal length. To appear right side up, move closer to the mirror until you are within its focal length. The higher the magnification, the closer you will have to move to the mirror to see yourself right side up and get that closer look.

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